SunDog House - Solar Array

SunDog House – Solar Array

The house is grid-tied, for efficient and ample electrical storage, but all power necessary to run the household circuits is supplied by the Outback Power Systems inverter and charging system. Sufficient electricity (and more) to power the entire house is produced by 20 115watt Evergreen solar panels and an array of Concorde Sun-Xtender batteries supply uninterrupted stored power in the event the grid is down. Hot water is provided by roof-top solar collector and stored in an 80 gallon insulated tank.


Colonial-era ruins at Estate Castle Nugent - courtesy

Colonial-era ruins at Estate Castle Nugent – courtesy

Castle Nugent National Historic Site, coming soon, will be practically across the street with hiking trails to amazing views of both the north and south shores. Use our well-maintained mountain bikes to explore here, or other nearby sites. Ride less than a mile to the East End Marine Park, home of our famous Great Pond Bay where many migratory birds spend the winter.

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