Top Ten (or eleven)
Reasons to Stay at Sun Dog House

  1. Sustainable Travel – Your travel dollars go toward supporting a clean and sustainable planet.
  2. Humane Travel – Your travel dollars go toward saving homeless, starving animals. A no-kill adoption center is included in our development plans.
  3. Dogs – a fun and entertaining “security system”. The dogs can get bored with us and welcome new people to smell, play with and talk to.  You can get your ‘dog-fix’ while away from home, or bring your own, we’re pet-friendly.
  4. Value – The comforts and amenities of a home and sustainable features of an eco-resort, for less than most camping options.
  5. Cleanliness – We clean our house. We’re not absentee owners who hire a rental agency or local contractors with no stake in the property to take care of SunDog House.
  6. Private Pool – No sharing with loud splashing children, no leering from that creepy guy at the bar. The pool deck is secure, private and relaxing.
  7. Local Hosts – We’ve lived on St. Croix for many years. We can help you find the best restaurants, the finest snorkeling, fun activities and environmentally friendly things to do. And if there’s something we don’t know, we know who to call.
  8. Real Neighborhood – Ever dreamed of living on a tropical island? We did too, and then we made the move. You will get a sense of what living here is actually like. SunDog House is not pretentious. This is not a “gated community”, and it doesn’t have to be. It’s nice and safe, even without a guarded gate.
  9. Top Priority – You get priority scheduling for relaxing massages from Beach Massage & Bodywork Delivered.
  10. Economic Stimulation – Your travel dollars stay on St. Croix to support the local economy and environment.
  11. No Tsunami Danger – We are not right on the water, but we can see it. The threat of tsunamis is minimal. Experts say that the presence of a barrier reef and mangroves mitigate the impact of a tsunami. We have both protecting SunDog House.

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